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Experiential Special Training

Experiential Training for Peak Performance

No-danger policy

  • The training does not require any special physical condition and can be done by anybody.
  • In Peak performance training for special groups, E.g. Special Forces, Sport Teams, Commanders, Safety, Emergency Teams, Athletes, etc, some exercises do require mentally and physically demanding tasks, that however require specific preparation and specific pre-exercise agreements.
  • For the Trial purpose the exercises will be limited to an agreed standard of low to no-physical effort and any variation can be decided in common and future sharing of objectives.

Learning Curve and Active Participation

All exercises are prepared combining a theoretical explanation of what is the target of the experiential learning and the general exercise structure. The participant can in all times take breaks, feel free to follow as auditor or be very active as participant, without any obligation. We found that when entering in the "flow condition of learning" all experiences and exercises proposed have always proven to be very nice to do and rich of experiential outcomes. To generate a positive Learning-Curve will become a meta-objective not only for the trainers but a shared goal for all participants, that can contribute to its generation through direct participation and positive commitment.

Training Program

The 2 days experiential seminar will span across several topics, divided principally into 2 sections:
• Day one: Internal states and Performance
• Day 2: Interactional States and Performance

Inner Skills and Personal Peak Performance

The exercises regard, but are not limited to, the following "Experiential Topics":

• Getting in touch with inner Psychophysiological Flow
• Under-flow and Over-Flow of intra-individual messages and conditions
• Switching internal conditions as response to environment or response to internal will
• Mental States and the Scale of Mental States
• The ability to make effective decisions and exercise judgment
• Internal Factors that affect Performance
• Personal Memetics - how it involves and modifies Personal Performances
• Dominating the cognitive environments in all areas of deployment and operation
• Internal reactions to critical incidents
• Emotional Self-Recognition Skills and Emotional Self-Labeling Skills
• Archetypes functioning within individuals
• Archetypes effect on perception
• Multiple Intelligences within the Individual
• Internal States affecting external communication
• Connecting with the internal dialogue
• Internal conditions of loop and overcoming

Interaction skills and Team Peak Performance

The exercises regard, but are not limited to, the following "Experiential Topics":

• Empathy in Operational Communication - 4 Levels of Enhanced Empathy for Operations
• Frame-analysis applied to interactions, identifying Centers of Gravity of Interaction
• Up-keying and Down-keying mechanisms in interaction
• C2 - Command and Control Communications, Operator-Control alignment
• Effective leadership and teamwork who can deal with ambiguity and uncertainty
• Team Factors that affect overall Performance
• Team Memetics, its emergence and detection
• Effective structures that allow for flexibility, value adding work and effective outcomes
• A common framework for intercultural leadership and work
• Strong trusting relationships aimed at achieving task directed outcomes
• Team reactions to critical incidents
• Identifying Incommunicability Levels and Sources for decreasing misunderstandings
• Under-flow and Over-Flow in team decision-making conditions
• Incidents due to anxiety states, degraded performance, interpersonal friction and conflict
• Team Cohesion and Communicationally Ecological Environments
• Archetypes effects in Crew and Crew-Control (Command & Control)
• the EBAO approach (Effect-Based Approach to Operations) within intercultural teams
• Multiple Intelligences in the Team and Motivation for Achievement
• Conversation Analysis, Conversational Stretching Exercises
• Impressions Management and Face Games in Performance, errors and positive strategies


Program copyright by Dr. Daniele Trevisani


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