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Psicologi, Psicoterapeuti, Coach, Formatori, Change Agents

Formazione per la leadership e risorse umane

Sviluppo delle competenze comunicative, training, coaching e counseling

Corsi marketing e vendita di tipo esperienziale


Special Training Programs

Some seminars and special training programs conducted by Studio Daniele Trevisani

Holistic Competitiveness Analysis: accompanying customers into an analysis of the principles of competitiveness and theory-reality gap analysis
  • Holistic Competitiveness Analysis: the search for dissonance. Accompanying clients into an analysis of the principles of competitiveness and theory-reality gap analysis in role or company setting
Training Targets

Top Managers, CEOs

  • From Where to Where: an analysis of personal history of top managers and CEOs in search of new insights and clearer views of personal past, personal future and goals
Top Managers, CEOs
  • Where Time & Money Goes: analysis of the usage of mental energies and dissonances in time & resources usage, in search of a new way of managing mental energies,  revisiting personal/professional time and increase quality of life. The training adopts a cross-cultural perspective that attempts to create awareness of cultural habits and free individuals from cultural and family constraints on time usage & resources  management
Buyers, Top Managers, CEOs

Public Administrators

  • Perceptual marketing and experiential marketing: understanding the world of meanings of the consumer from his/her points of view, analyzing the perceptual front line and experiences that companies generate in consumers and B2B clients
Marketing Managers

Top Managers, CEOs

  • Action Line Management (ALM) Analysis: an analysis of consistency and dissonance in the relationship between company goals, scenery, human resources skills, organizational adjustment, front line behavior, and management motivation, using the ALM theory developed by Daniele Trevisani
Marketing Managers

Top Managers, CEOs

  • Bioenergetic & Psycholinguistic Leadership: learning how to manage and increase body and mind energies in dealing with people, changing conversational styles & communication behaviors
  • Gestalt Holistic Training: Rapid Changes in Body and Mind Structure. This training is an intensive holistic program, conducted in full immersion, that ranges from interpersonal skills training to body workouts (fitness Bioenergetic training), from mental training to physical exercise, from counseling to professional skills gap analysis,  acting on body energies, mental energies, communication skills, vision coaching and lifestyle change.
Personal Development

Human Potential Development

General Managers


  • Psycholinguistic Negotiation: a trip inside words and relational moves. This training, with a special focus on semantics and pragmatics of communication, enables negotiators and top management to deeply change the way they deal with internal and external referents
Buyers, Sellers, Negotiators

Top Managers, CEOs

  • The precision of language in the company: instruments for a clear and effective internal communication
Top Managers, CEOs
  • Active Change: 160 tools for change agents. A program aimed at learning a wide range of tools (both holistic and traditional) to promote change and learning, together with a new "Theory of Change Drives" developed by Daniele Trevisani, that enables change agents to adapt the right tools-mix to personal change goals.
Trainers, Counselors, Psychotherapists

HR Managers

Training programs are conducted in

  • English
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Chinese

Training and consulting programs are conducted

  • in interpersonal settings (one-to-one training),
  • in small groups setting (usually up to 12 participants), or
  • group activity combined with interpersonal coaching

Every training is conducted only after a specific analysis of needs (situational analysis) has been conducted. The preliminary encounters are paid by clients.

Other Services of Training in English

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